Terry Goode Sr. has worked in the natural gas industry for 32 years. He started his career at Big Three Meter Repair in Jackson, Mississippi. He literally worked his way from the bottom to managing the business. Terry had always dreamed of owning his own company and felt like the time was right in 2009 to give it a try.

Mid-South Meter & Regulator is the result of his dreams. He started the company in January of 2009 in hopes of providing the natural gas industry with the very best service, experience, and knowledge he could provide. MSMR (Mid-South Meter & Regulator) is a small, family owned and operated business with costumers all over the Country.  

MSMR has been located in Florence, Mississippi since February 2015, in a 10,000 plus square foot facility. In this building we repair all size gas meters and regulators. We have a meter department where the meters are rebuilt, calibrated and painted to the customers specifications.

We strive to keep on hand a large inventory of meters and regulators that we know our customers will be needing.  We keep in stock and warehouse not only common gas products, but also those that are hard to get in a timely manner. We are a privately owned company and our goal is to save our customers' money.  We purchase quality stock from whomever we can get the best prices so we can pass that savings on to our customers.

Terry’s goal is to provide quality work in a timely manner and give the best customer service available.  All Terry’s customers, big or small, know they can call anytime they have questions or need something “yesterday” and he or someone will be able to help them. Part of every order shipped or job done comes with peace of mind that there is someone you can call if you need to.