Sensus 046

Our 046 field and high-pressure service regulators combine simple design and rugged construction for exceptional performance and operational safety. They feature dependable, flexible and economical answers for pounds-to-pounds pressure regulation applications.

The 046 family of high-pressure regulators are easy to install, adjust, inspect and service in all piping arrangements. Typical applications include farm taps, field regulator applications, high-pressure industrial air or gases and gas blanketing systems.

Model 046 regulators are available with standard construction, an internal relief valve, blocked throat and a control-line tap for remote monitoring. They are available with aluminum or cast iron diaphragm cases.

Although these regulators are used mainly for natural gas service, they perform equally well with nitrogen, air, dry CO2 and other inert gases.



SKU: 046
Weight: 5 lb
Dimensions: 1 in × 1 in × 1 in